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The packraft, combined with electric mountain biking and aqua hiking on the Verdon, offers a unique and thrilling adventure experience.

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Objectives: To offer you as many sensations and discoveries as possible in a short period of time.


Course Schedule:

Day 1:  Electric'bike and PACKRAFT discovery day on the lake of Castillon

  1.  Meet at 9 AM at our base in CAstellane. Welcome, coffee, introduction to the team and course schedule.
  2. Equipment familiarization. Individual packing preparation.
  3. Departure from the base on electric mountain bikes to follow the Lakes circuit.
  4. Stop at the village of Ville with its castle and breathtaking view of the valley... And launch into the turquoise waters of Lake Castillon.
  5. Picnic on Tipi Island or another one..
  6. Explore the lake, learn about the submerged village, swim, and relax.
  7. Return to Castellane on electric mountain bikes around 5 PM.

Day 2: Whole day expedition in the Verdon'gorges.

  1. Meet at 9am at our base in Castellane and leave by minibus to reach the Castellane embarkation and sail on the Verdon
  2. Inflate the packraft, check safety equipment (life jacket, helmet), and pack belongings in dry bags.
  3. Safety briefing from the guide, navigation instructions...
  4. Begin the packraft descent on the Verdon: After the lake, you will navigate the more turbulent waters of the river, admiring the impressive cliffs that shape its gorges.
  5. During the journey, you can take breaks for photos, swim in the refreshing waters of the Verdon, or simply enjoy the incredible scenery around you.
  6. We will also stop on a small beach for a picnic break, or even for a little nap...
    Then, the Adventure continues on slightly more tumultuous waters. The cliffs around us are + and + high. We are approaching the Grand Canyon. Open your eyes wide! But stay focused: the last rapid, the Solitaire, will require your full attention if you want to stay in the boat
    It's around 4:30 p.m., one last effort: go up the path that leads to the Couloir Samson car park (15 min) where our driver is waiting for us who will take us back to the base (25 min)
    The programme is subject to change depending on the flow of water in the Verdon. If dams are closed, navigation on other rivers (Haut Verdon, Var, Gorges de Daluis, etc.)

The sport level of this packraft adventure:

 It is quite sportive. The second day requires you to have energy and, of course, know how to swim. There will be navigation, walking.. It's going to be a good day to have a good sleepwink!

Technical prerequisites:

For the second day, you should know how to steer your boat: go straight, turn, and stop

Description Packraft : Packraft initiation course 2 days


  1. Supervision by certified and experienced guides;
  2. Technical equipment: Packraft, electric mountain bike;
  3. Specific equipment: neoprene gear, helmet, life jacket, paddle, canyon bag;
  4. All transportation: minibus, electric mountain bike;
  5. Access to our base and all its amenities.


  1. Your meals, picnics, and drinks;
  2. Transportation to reach our base in Castellane or the activity starting point;
  3. A swimsuit or shorts and a pair of water shoes for aquatic activities.


Please contact us in the following cases:

  1. You weigh more than 90 kg,
  2. You are over 65 years old.

It is necessary, for the successful completion of your course, to be in good physical shape.

Localisation Packraft : Packraft initiation course 2 days

You can use this map to locate and calculate your route by clicking on the marker. The estimated time by Google is to increase by 20%, which corresponds to our small mountain roads.

Veuillez patienter pendant le chargement de la carte...

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