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Sportive canyoning trip on la Lance

The half-day canyoning La Lance is a wonderfull technical trip perfect for the sportive ones and mostly those who are not afraid of height !

You will find a succession of jumps and abseiling in the unique setting of this canyon from the Haut Verdon.

Description Canyoning : Canyoning - Cascade de la Lance

Lola, your canyoning guide will take you in a gorgeous and sportive journey in the canyon of La Lance, near the small town of Colmars, situated in the Haut-Verdon at one hour from Castellane.

Once you met the guide and she gave you all the equipment, you will start with a sportive 30min walk in the forest.

You will then arrive on a small bridge that which will be the starting point of the aquatic part ! For the bravest, you can start with a nice jump to take the temperature.

The canyon will tighten quickly and you will discover a succession of swimming parts and waterfall until 25m ! We will do them by abseiling or jumping (until 10m !).

The final abseiling is the most impressive with a 25m height waterfall before we arrive at the Lance Bridge !

Then we will just have a 20min walk left before we arrive at the cars.

Reminder : This is a sportive and technical trip which requires good physical condition and mostly not to fear height. It's even better if you have already done some canyoning or climbing.