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Aqua trekking day trip on the Verdon

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Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience in a unique and altogether magical environment.

Attention this route is currently closed by municipal decree. It won't be for 2023!

Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a unique and magical environment.

From Castellane, it will take 45 minutes to drive along the left side of the Verdon Canyon to the ‘Cavaliers’ site, where we will begin the activity.

It will take half an hour to walk down to the river from the road – this 4-hour activity will take you through the most spectacular areas in the Verdon Grand Canyon: the ‘Estelier’, the ‘Styx’, the under-ground section of the ‘Imbut’ (where the more daring of the group can do some impressive jumps).

You will then stop for lunch to enjoy the sun and incredible surroundings.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we will need about an hour to climb out of the canyon via the Vidal footpath.

For those who make it wink to the end of the action-packed day, you’ll see just how much we love showing off this beautiful region.

Vidéo Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Description Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Meet at our basecamp or directly at the ‘Cavaliers’ site, on the left side of the Verdon (D71 between Aiguines and Comps sur Artuby).

First of all, everyone checks their equipment, puts their packed lunches in the waterproof tubs and starts to descend: a 45-minute walk along the Imbut footpath down to the Verdon river.

Then, we get into the water and over the 4-hour trip you will come across the most impressive places the Grand Canyon has to offer: L'Estelier, the Styx, the underground part of the Imbut (where the most adventurous will be able to take on some impressive jumps). You will mainly go down the river on your back (floating) in the rapids, or swimming in the calmer and deeper parts.

Watch out: up until the 15th June, there is twice the amount of water in the canyon than during the summer. You must love or be comfortable in water!!

We will of course stop for lunch, and enjoy the sun, the spectacular light, the sky etc.

Then, later in the afternoon, it will take about an hour to get out of the abyss via the stunning Vidal footpath. This walk requires some extra energy. It is incredible, but also very steep and in some places you feel a bit like you’re hanging in mid-air. It’s best if you aren’t scared of heights!

All the jumps are optional; it is only during the walk back up that the vertigo issue comes into play. But there is no need for rope, there’s no abseiling... and all the ‘tricky’ parts have handrails in place.

But every now and then you’ll have a plummeting view of the Verdon river down below you, which can be quite overwhelming, or scary for some...

For those of you who make it  to the end of the action-packed day, you’ll see just how much we love showing off this beautiful region.

For this trip, you’ll need: A good pair of trainers for the walking and swimming part, a swimsuit and shorts.

Remember to bring 1.5l of water/person and a substantial packed lunch. As well as all your equipment, we will provide you with a waterproof tub and a canyon bag to carry everything in.

Localisation Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

You can use this map to locate and calculate your route by clicking on the marker. The estimated time by Google is to increase by 20%, which corresponds to our small mountain roads.

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