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Aqua-trekking in the Gorges du Verdon

The AQUA TREKKING is the best way to explore the Grand Canyon.

Aqua-trekking is the activity that you would not have necessarily thought about doing, but is the one that is sure to impress.

You’ll get ready on our base camp and get taken to Point Sublime by minibus. Even just this short journey will blow you away; the road is impressive and you’ll be pleased to not be driving!

After a short 5-minute walk along the Martel trail, this 2-hour activity will take you through one of the narrowest sections of the Verdon Canyon giving you the perfect opportunity to explore the Couloir Samson, the Baume aux Pigeons and the first narrow, maze-like part of the canyon.

You’ll be in the water for about 1h30, alternating between calm sections and small rapids. You will mainly be floating on your back or swimming.

There are some jumps (5m max) that can be done on route. They are optional, but are sure to please the thrill-seekers in the group.

The walk back leads you through the Martel trail tunnels and takes around 20 minutes.

This trip is suitable for children from the age of 10, provided they can swim.


Vidéo Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

Description Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

Starting point: A short 5-minute walk along the famous Martel trail will take you to the Verdon and to the entrance of the ‘Couloir Samson’. This is the first narrowing section of the Canyon (only 10m wide).

On your left you’ll see one of the most famous climbing sites of the Verdon: ‘Le Grand Duc’ (300m of vertical cliff).

At the entrance of the Couloir Samson, the water is calm so it is easy to get into your floating position. Shortly afterwards is the first (optional) jump.

20 minutes later you’ll arrive near the most impressive open cave in the Verdon: the Baume aux Pigeons. The currents start to build up here, but it is still easy to follow the trajectory.

Then you will enter the first ‘labyrinth’, where the currents get stronger; you’ll need to slalom between the rocks and use the counter-currents to stop.

The guide will tell you which routes to take and make you go through truly impressive siphons or other giant whirlpools.

At the end of the trip, you will exit the water just before the Trescaire towers. Here the canyon widens and so you can observe the vultures flying over the Rancoumas lookout points on the left bank or surfing the large red walls along the Route des Crêtes. You might also spot some climbers or base jumpers.

Again, you’ll walk back along the Martel trail at the end of the activity; this time taking two long tunnels that were dug into the rock at the beginning of the 20th century for a hydroelectric project.

Your guide, of course, will be equipped with a torch so that you don’t need to walk the 800m in the pitch black.

Localisation Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

You can use this map to locate and calculate your route by clicking on the marker. The estimated time by Google is to increase by 20%, which corresponds to our small mountain roads.

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