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Aqua trekking in the gorges du Verdon

The Tusset aqua trekking is the dreamed activity for a first approach of outdoor sports.

The ultimate family trip ! Acessible for the youngests, from 7 years old. You just have to be able to swim !

Description Randonnée aquatique : Aqua trekking - Tusset

The Tusset aqua trekking is first and mostly for kids... But not only...

First, we will welcome you on our basecamp in Castellane. This is where we are going to start the equipment before to get in the bus that will take us to the starting point of the activity. We will leave well equipped so the kids can enjoy the journey and not get cold : wetsuit and neoprene socks, helmets and life-jackets and we are ready for the great adventure !

On your side, as for every activity with us, you have to bring a swimsuit and some (old) sneakers that will go in the water (and we can forget about water shoes !)

25 minutes of bus. The road between Castellane and the "Point Sublime" is wonderfull, don't forget to open your eyes widely !

When we arrive at the pratice site, we start with an easy 15min walk to wake up everyone. Then the aquatic part is a succession of swimming and floating in the stream with a little bit of walking near the river at some points, and of course, some jumps for the most adventurous ones !

Just a reminder, all the jumps are optionals. We will climb before jumping, so each person can choose to do it or not and adjust the height of his jump.

Aqua trekking is our flagship activity, and the best way to discover the Verdon canyon by the water.

And the Tusset trip is above all familial adventure, fun and friendliness !