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Half-day familly canyon of Wakabonga

Situated in a wild setting, this trip is a true wonder of nature. This canyon will be embellished with many jumps of any height, a waterslide and even an abseiling.

None of the obstacles being mandatory, this course is accessible to everybody.

Description Canyoning : Canyoning - Wakabonga

Situated near Comps sur Artuby, this wonderfull canyon is possible on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. The other days remaining reserved for fishing.

No big difficulties in the Wakabonga canyon. just a 10min walk to go to the water and another 20min to get back to the cars. 

2 hours in the water where you will find some jumps until 8m (that you can all avoid), a water slide, an abseiling and many surprises !