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Aqua trekking in Castellane

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On the program: Swimming, floating downstream and jumps for the more adventurous !

On the program: Swimming, floating downstream and jumps for the more adventurous!

The Verdon’s river flow is regulated by the EDF hydroelectric dams at Castillon and Chaudanne.

When they are closed, the Verdon flows less than 3m3/s, which enables us to swim in the Grand Canyon. (In July and August, this activity can be enjoyed every day, except on Tuesdays and Fridays).

Aqua-trekking involves you travelling downstream by mainly floating on your back (feet forward). This means that you can drift down in the waves without damaging the riverbed and without missing any of the wonderful scenery that the Verdon Grand Canyon has to offer.

Our guides will also teach you about the Verdon valley, its history and ecosystem.

We offer 3 legendary trips: the half-day ‘Couloir Samson’,the full-day ‘Imbut’ trip, which is decidedly the most beautiful and more physically and finally, the "Samson Trescaire", always full day but much more accessible than the Imbut.

Our aqua-trekking courses

Aqua trekking - Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

The AQUA TREKKING is the best way to explore the Grand Canyon. Aqua-trekking is the activity that you would not have necessarily thought a ...

Aqua trekking - Aqua trekking -  Tusset

Aqua trekking - Tusset

The Tusset aqua trekking is the dreamed activity for a first approach of outdoor sports. The ultimate family trip ! Acessible for the youn ...

Aqua trekking - Aqua trekking - Samson Trescaire

Aqua trekking - Samson Trescaire

The full-day ‘SAMSON/TRESCAIRE’ AQUA-TREKKING trip Enjoy the fun and beauty of a full day trip. Aqua-trekking is the activity you would ...

Aqua trekking - Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience in a unique and altogether magical environment. Attention this route is currently clo ...

Comparative - aqua trekking in the Verdon canyon

Know how to swimDifficultyTime in waterMinimum ageRequired jumpweight Price
Aqua trekking - Samson Trescaire25m + immersioneasy to sportive3H3012 yearsNO70€
Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson25m + immersionEasy to sportive1h309 years ( 130cm)No50€
Aqua trekking - L'ImbutEssential !!!Sportive4h00 but 7h of activity in total13 yearsNonVery good physical condition80€
Aqua trekking - Tusset25m + immersioninitiation7 years (1m25 minimum)No50€

Location - aqua trekking in the Verdon canyon

You can use the map below to calculate your route. Do not forget to increase Google's estimated time by about 20%, which corresponds to the lost time on our small mountain roads.

Veuillez patienter pendant le chargement de la carte...