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Grand-Canyon multi-activities formula in the Verdon

The "100% Verdon" option. My favourite... Navigate down the whole stretch of the Verdon in a raft and on a hydrospeed.

And discover one of the Grand Canyon’s most hidden gems with the famous aqua-trekking in the ‘Imbut’.

  • Rafting (or canoeing) formula Half-day (2h30 of navigation)
  • Hydrospeeding to the entrance of the Grand Canyon
  • Aqua- treckking in the Imbut (Whole day in the heart of the Verdon canyon)

Description Multi activités : Multi-activities formula Grand-Canyon

Multi-activités - Rafting formula Half-day-trip

Rafting formula Half-day-trip

Two trips: "From Castellane" or "Point Sublime" Two trips: From Castellane or Point Sublime 15km of navigation between Castellane and t ...

Multi-activités - Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Aqua trekking - L'Imbut

Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience in a unique and altogether magical environment. Attention this route is currently clo ...

Multi-activités - Hydrospeed


Swimmind down rapids, gliding over the waves, playing with the current, surfing ... In the space of two hours, you will experience all the ...

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Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

Aqua trekking - Couloir Samson

The AQUA TREKKING is the best way to explore the Grand Canyon. Aqua-trekking is the activity that you would not have necessarily thought a ...

Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Aqua trekking -  Tusset

Aqua trekking - Tusset

The Tusset aqua trekking is the dreamed activity for a first approach of outdoor sports. The ultimate family trip ! Acessible for the youn ...

Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Aqua trekking - Samson Trescaire

Aqua trekking - Samson Trescaire

The full-day ‘SAMSON/TRESCAIRE’ AQUA-TREKKING trip Enjoy the fun and beauty of a full day trip. Aqua-trekking is the activity you would ...

Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Packraft discovery day

Packraft discovery day

 Packraft Expedition: Electric Mountain Biking (E-Bike) and Packrafting on the lakes. Description of the day (all season except Tuesdays a ...

Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Packraft initiation course 2 days

Packraft initiation course 2 days

Objectives: To offer you as many sensations and discoveries as possible in a short period of time.   Course Schedule: Day 1:  Electr ...

Selection activités sportive dans le Verdon - Advanced packraft course 4days

Advanced packraft course 4days

So, you've fallen for the charms of PACKRAFT and you really want to take it to the next level. Let yourself be tempted by our Perf' Traini ...