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Canyoning in the Verdon

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By doing this activity you will come across some truly magnificent landscapes, whether it be in the Canyons of the Esteron, the Roya, the Var, the Cians or the Vésubie Canyon...

You will be faced with various obstacles and enjoy a ‘Kaleidoscope’ of sensations: vast natural slides, exhilarating jumps, abseiling down waterfalls, swimming in whirlpools, all of which will make this activity truly memorable.

You will be provided with 5mm wetsuits, a helmet and harness. Your professionally qualified guide will help you overcome any difficulties, ensuring your safety at all times.

Canyoning will enable you to explore these huge and impressive canyons that are bursting with extraordinary geological history. They’ve been eroded away over time by alpine torrents, and provide the perfect terrain in which to carry out this activity.

Here are the various canyoning trips we offer:

Our canyoning trip

Canyoning - Canyoning - Clue du Haut Jabron

Canyoning - Clue du Haut Jabron

An enchanting site usually reserved for family groups and beginners because it is reasonably short, making it ideal for amateurs of Canyoning ...

Canyoning - Via cordata du Trou du Renard

Via cordata du Trou du Renard

A Via cordata in the heart of the verdon canyon. Aerial course in a magnificent setting, thrill seekers, the Trou du renard is for you.

Canyoning - Canyoning - Clue de Saint-Auban

Canyoning - Clue de Saint-Auban

This circuit is a half-day trip, ideal for participants of all levels due to its more aquatic nature. At the entrance to the canyon you wi ...

Canyoning - Canyoning - Ravin de Mainmorte

Canyoning - Ravin de Mainmorte

The Ravin de Mainmorte is a very beautiful and DRY canyon, a Cathedral- like landscape that opens up into the Verdon Grand Canyon. To have ...

Canyoning - Canyoning - Clue du Riolan

Canyoning - Clue du Riolan

Unusually sized rock formations in a magnificent setting make the Riolan an absolut must ! For many professionals, the Riolan is the best ...

Comparative - canyoning around the Verdon canyon

Know how to swimDifficultyTime in waterMinimum ageRequired jumpRequired abseiling weight Price
Canyoning - Clue du Haut Jabron25m + immersionInitiation1h308 yearsNoNo40€
Via cordata du Trou du RenardDry' canyonSportive10noyes50€
Canyoning - Clue de Saint-Auban25m + immersionSportive2h3014 yearsYes, 3 metersNoNO OVERWEIGHT55€
Canyoning - Ravin de Mainmorte25m + immersionSportive2h00 ( + time in the dry canyon: 3H)14 yearsNoYes, 50 meters70€
Canyoning - Clue du Riolan25m + immersionSportive5h0014 yearsYes, 3 metersYes, 10 metersNO OVERWEIGHT75€

Location - canyoning around the Verdon canyon

You can use the map below to calculate your route. Do not forget to increase Google's estimated time by about 20%, which corresponds to the lost time on our small mountain roads.

Veuillez patienter pendant le chargement de la carte...