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Two trips: "From Castellane" or "Point Sublime"

Two trips: From Castellane or Point Sublime

15km of navigation between Castellane and the Pont de Soleil:

2h30 on the emerald-coloured Verdon water - a magnificent setting - which ends on the little Pont de Soleil beach.

Leave from Castellane and head off on an adventure! This trip alternates between quiet sections where you can take the time to explore around you, and little (and big) rapids that might take you by surprise...

Also accessible to children (if confident in water) and people with reduced mobility.


15km of navigation between Chasteuil beach and Point Sublime:

From the rafting base, the minibus will take you to Chasteuil beach where you will meet your guide and finish getting your equipment sorted.

And then it’s time to head into the Grand Canyon!

This trip is a bit more challenging and offers impressive scenery throughout, especially when you arrive at the Couloir Samson, the opening of the Grand Canyon.

N.B. At the end of the trip, the boat must be deflated, rolled up and carried back up to the minibus along with the equipment (a 15 minute climb).


Vidéo Rafting : Rafting formula Half-day-trip

Description Rafting : Rafting formula Half-day-trip

For all RAFTING activities starting from Castellane, the EDF dams MUST be open.

Otherwise, we use the reduced water flow to ‘swim’ through the Grand Canyon du Verdon. This is our famous AQUA-TREKKING activity!

In July and August, the dams normally open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Apart from these two months, there are no set rules; it all depends on the rain and snowfall we’ve had over winter.

However, if the sun is out, a white-water activity is always possible somewhere (the Haut Verdon or the Gorges de Daluis in spring, Aqua-trekking, Canyoning...).

If you give us a ring we can go through all the possible options with you.

Localisation Rafting : Rafting formula Half-day-trip

You can use this map to locate and calculate your route by clicking on the marker. The estimated time by Google is to increase by 20%, which corresponds to our small mountain roads.

Veuillez patienter pendant le chargement de la carte...

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