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Hydrospeed or white-water swimming
in the "Gorges du Verdon"


Swimmind down rapids, gliding over the waves,

playing with the current, surfing ...

Hydrospeed dans le verdon

Hydrospeed on the Verdon : 45/pers

In the space of two hours, you will experience all the pleasures of white-water.

You will be provided with a float (made of mousse), a specially padded wet-suit, neoprene shoes, a pair of flippers, a helmet and a life-jacket.

In small groups of 8 maximum, you will experience the first few kilometres of the Grand Canyon of the Verdon. Your state qualified guide will be with you at all times in order to teach you all the basics of this wonderful new sport and to ensure your safety.

Descente en HydrospeedNo need to be a professional, just as long as you like being in the water, you will find that you will soon become one with the water!

This course starts at the Carajuan bridge (near Castellane), gateway to the grand canyon and finishes at the ‘point sublime’, where you will be surrounded by a spectacular landscape at all times and if you can tear your eyes away from the river for a few moments and look up around you – be prepared to be amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

To practice this activity, you must be 14 years old and be able to swim and palm.

We also offerotherwhite water activitieslike kayaking in the "Gorges du Verdon", Rafting from Castellane, or canyoning in the "Alpes Maritimes".

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or visit our frequently asked questions !

To introduce you the best our main activity, which is the Aqua-trekking in the Verdon, we have implemented a detailed description of our Aqua-trekking day.


During the summer, our white water activities start from Castellane, your can use the map below to help you to calculate your route.

Click on the marker to calculate your itinerary to that point.

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This is a selection of photos taken during our descents of Hydrospeed.

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