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Tearms and conditions


The entry or participation in our courses or activities constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


  • Admission 

    The activities of Buena Vista rafting are open to all. It is essential to know how to swim, and to be in good physical condition. A minimum age is required for certain disciplines.
  • Registration

    The participants agree to these terms and conditions, as well as security documents brought to their knowledge. In the case of registration of a group or individuals, the organizer agrees to make and approve these conditions to all participants.
  • Reservation

    Any booking is confirmed only on receipt of the book Buena Vista Rafting completed, signed and accompanied by a deposit representing 30% of the total price. For group bookings, whether the participants are less than anticipated, the organizer must inform Buena Vista rafting at least 48 hours before the date of the activity. Otherwise any spot is due.
  • Cancellation aside from Buena Vista Rafting

    For security reasons Buena Vista Rafting reserves the right to modify, for security reasons, meteorological or sporting ability of the participants, an internship program, adapting or replacing an activity with another. In this case participants will be eligible for any compensation. Only guides or organization shall be entitled at any time to decide on the eventual changes in the program.
  • Cancellation aside from participants

    In case of cancellation on the part of the participants: - There will be full refund of the deposit upon receipt of a letter at least 8 days before the date of activity - The deposit will be postponed, depending on the availability of Buena Vista Rafting, on a different date this year in receipt of a letter less than 8 days before the date of activity - For an annulment less than 48 hours before the activity, the deposit will not be refunded or carried over.
  • Activity

    The routes, times, distances are only indicative. He noted the benefits provided by our current care, but in no case may serve as a contractual basis. Some subjects-deep water, depend on releases of the dams. For full day, half day, it is necessary to call us the day before for confirmation of the program. Shuttles minibus will be made available to participants for the return to the starting point of the activity (unless specified otherwise).
  • Insurance

    Buena Vista rafting endorse a contract of insurance liability, specific coaching activities eau_vive with compagnieMMA, No. 112024300. This Liability insurance is included in the price of services.
  • Classification of courses

    Classe 1 : river surrounded current low.
    Classe 2 : mild rapids, frank waves.
    Classe 3 : fast athletes, big waves.
    Classe 4 : large rapids, with s, significant vertical drops.
    Classe 5 : rapid sequence of large and congested.
    Classe 6 : rapid sequence of extreme, on the edge of Alert.