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Canyoning in the Verdon at Castellane


In doing this activity you will un-cover some truly magnificent landscapes whether in the Canyons of the Esteron, the Roya, the Var, the Cians or the Vésubie.

You will confront various obstacles and enjoy a ‘Kaleidoscope’ of sensations:

  • Vast natural slides
  • Exhilarating jumps
  • Abseiling down waterfalls
  • Swimming in whirlpools, all of which will make this activity extremely memorable.

You will be provided with isothermal wet-suits of 5mm, a helmet and a harness.

Your state qualified guide will help you overcome any difficult obstacles, ensuring your safety at all times.

Canyoning will enable you to discover some huge and impressive Canyons with extraordinary geological histories, eroded over time by alpine torrents, providing the perfect terrain in which to practise this activity.

Here are the various trip of canyoning which we can propose you:

Canyoning in the Haut Jabron

Canyoning "Clue du Haut Jabron" : 35/pers

An enchanting site usually reserved for family groups and beginners because it is reasonably short, making it ideal for amateurs of Canyoning.

The water in this canyon has eroded the rock in such a way that you may be mistaken in thinking that you are underground!

This particular course lasts for about one hour to which we usually add one hour so as to include the time in which it takes to walk down into and out of the Canyon and the time in which it takes to get kitted out.

The obstacles which you will come across in this activity are very small and provided you are not scared of getting your head wet you will do various jumps (5m) as well as go down 3 natural slides.

Each gradient that we will come across will provide the perfect opportunity to practise your handling of the ropes used either for abseiling or to attach yourself to the rock face.

The Haut Jabron Canyon is situated in the community of ‘la Batie de Peyroules’, 10km from Castellane – dir – Grasse (on the ‘route Napoleon N85).

Canyoning in the clue de Saint Auban

Canyoning "Clue de Saint Auban" : 45/pers

The circuit is a half-day activity, ideal for participants of all levels due to its more aquatic nature.

At the entrance to the canyon we will begin with a naturally eroded slide followed by 2h30 of adrenaline fuelled fun: a sequence of jumps (6/7m max), abseiling (25m max), Zip-lining (40m), after which there will be one last slide followed by a short walk (10 minutes) back to the vehicles.

(This particular canyon is only accessible on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s.)



Canyoning in France in the Riolan

Canyoning "Clue du Riolan" : 68/pers

Unusually sized proportions set in a magnificent environment make the Riolan a definite must see!

For many professionals, the Riolan is the best and most beautiful course in the Alpes Maritimes.

The canyoning takes place between two imposing walls or long corridors interspersed with several ridges that we will have to swim past – there will also be a sequence of waterfalls and swimming distances of up to 3km on a gradient of 180m.
We will vary between jumps (8m), slides and abseiling (25m) which may sometimes be down waterfalls.

This activity does not require any particular ‘techniques’ as such and is therefore appropriate for beginners, however, its length (about 5 hours) requires a good physical condition.

During the activity we will stop for a picnic (Canyoning back-packs as well as water-proof tubs will be provided.)

Don’t forget to bring:

  • A packed lunch
  • 1 Litre of water minimum per pers
  • A good pair of lace up shoes (trainers)

… and we will take care of the rest!

Canyoning in the gorges du Verdon

Canyoning "Mainmorte" : 68/pers

The Ravin de Mainmorte is a very beautiful and dry canyoning, a Cathedral like landscape that opens up into the Grand Canyon du Verdon. (There is a 10 minute walk in order to reach the beginning of the Canyon)

In order to reach the Verdon the activity would take place in the morning and consist of abseiling (whereby the shortest is a descent of 20m), as well as Zip-lining.

This descent is in fact in the deepest section of the canyon ending in a breath-taking vertical descent of 60m which is in two parts: an abseil of 20m which leads to a platform where we will stop for a break so as to take the time to put on all the required equipment.

The second part of the descent is an abseil of 40m, whereby we would cross over a rounded rock formation amongst other various obstacles.

The second part of the program is much more easy going and starts with a lunch break on a small beach on the Verdon, which is the perfect opportunity to admire the landscape, enjoy the sunshine and possibly spot one of the famous griffon vulture which inhabit the Grand Canyon.

We will set off again, fully equipped in wet-suits so as to follow the current down the Verdon, in particular the ‘Imbut’, a tunnel through which the Verdon has carved its way, swimming over fords so as to reach the ‘Maugue’ footpath (a reasonably physical footpath!)

Don’t forget to bring:

  • A packed lunch
  • 1 Litre of water minimum per pers
  • A good pair of lace up shoes (trainers)

… and we will take care of the rest!


Our different canyoning trip are near to Castellane, your can use the map below to help you to calculate your itinerary.

Click on the markers to calculate your itinerary to these points.

Canyon du Haut JabronHaut Jabron Canyon de Saint AubanSaint Auban Canyon du RiolanRiolan Canyon de Main MorteMain Morte

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This is a selection of photos taken during our descents of Canyoning.

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