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Canoeing and Kayak in the Verdon at Castellane


Everybody knows what canoeing is however…

Buena Vista Rafting can offer you something slightly different: Canoe-raft or Kayak-raft, are inflatables boats that is more adaptable to the river and which seats for two or one people.

You will be equipped with a paddle, a helmet, a life-jacket and suitable wet suits and accompanied at all times by a state qualified instructor (specialised in Kayaking) who will teach you all you need to know about how to manage your boat and ensure ‘smooth sailing’ during your descent.

These boats that can be quickly directed down-stream in an autonomous fashion, allowing you to share with your partner; moments of pure adrenaline rush, down rapids, or during moments of perfect calm, giving you plenty of time to fully appreciate the Verdon valley.

You will need to wear lace-up shoes (trainers) during the activity to go in the water.

Provided that they are always accompanied by an adult, this activity is also accessible for children.( 12 years old)

You're the captain this time!

Canoeing in the Verdon

Canoe-raft in the Verdon : from 33/pers

It is immediately more reassuring to be two, if your are in good company !

It will be necessary to distribute the roles: a front-engine, and a captain who directs on the back. Both paddlers must be in harmony to drag the canoe over the waves.

The canoe is necessarily more difficult to manage than a kayak, but what will be an experience to share together and laughter.

We will introduce you to the basics of propulsion, the gesture is quite natural with the two boats, we will use the double paddles.

You will also mastering the stops, and reversals of current is required for the guide accompanying your group. During the activity you will be accompanied by a state qualified instructor that will teach you the basics of navigation and will ensure your safety.

This boat, how you will direct rapidly independently, lets you share with your team-mate moments of adrenaline in the rapids and pleasure in exploring the Gorges du Verdon on the quieter portions.

We offer three classic formulas for this activity:

  • Formula "Discovery" : (1h30 of navigation) 33/pers

  • Formula "Half-day trip" : (2h30 of navigation) 45/pers

  • Formula "Whole day’ trip" : 68/pers

Kayak in the Verdon

Kayak-raft on the Verdon : from 33/pers

The new pneumatic equipment is similar to the traditional kayak, without its inconveniences.

This is the most simple because it is very light, and it will be important to learn to anticipate.

The river is moving fast, you need to know your paths before arriving on the obstacles. The look far ahead, is important.

But remember, is you who direct the kayak (boat docile) but not the reverse.

The sliding sport fan will quickly understand we need to look inside the turn while continuing to paddle.

This small volume, light weight, will allow you to play in the rapids.

With its self-draining system and its straps for leg and back, will helping you for "surfing the white water".

We offer three classic formulas for this activity:

  • Formula "Discovery" : (1h30 of navigation) 33/pers

  • Formula "Half-day trip" : (2h30 of navigation) 45/pers

  • Formula "Whole day’ trip" : 68/pers

We also offer other white water activities like hydrospeed in the "Gorges du Verdon", Rafting from Castellane, or canyoning in the Verdon.

To introduce you the best our main activity, which is the Aqua-trekking in the Verdon, we have implemented a detailed description of our Aqua-trekking day.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or visit our frequently asked questions !


During the summer, our white water activities start from Castellane, your can use the map below to help you to calculate your route.

Click on the marker to calculate your itinerary to that point.

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This is a selection of photos taken during our descents of Kayak.

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